Real Estate Packages 2019

All Packages are made MLS compliant for ease in posting and are delivered by Dropbox or another specified file sharing service and videos are delivered on Iplayerhd.


Example of Palmetto Aerial Solutions video/slideshow of 24 Little Pine Ct. Hampton Lake, Bluffton, SC

Bronze Package: Please call or email us for pricing for your particular needs.

Bronze includes 35-50 HDR bracketed, still photographs, depending on square foot size of home. We will shoot as many photos as necessary to cover the property allowing you a choice of the photos you would like to use to market your listing. All photos are retouched, resized, and optimized with meta data to make your listing easier for potential clients to find. The photos are delivered ready for MLS and other realtor sites. 

You can add on a video/slideshow with your selection of genre of music using the stills. This slideshow/video will come both branded and MLS approved, unbranded video for as little as $50. The client provides all branded logo material to be included in the video/slideshow and we offer one edit at no charge. Turn around is approximately 24-48 hrs. depending on the project. Property's that are 4500 square feet to 7999 square feet please expect an additional charge for the time. Additional services can be added (please see add-ons below).

Aerial Still Photographs Only: Some of our customers request aerials only as they use another service for their terrestrial photos. 10-15 bracketed aerial photographs, that are delivered fully edited and formatted in Jpeg or RAW depending on your needs. $125 per shoot.

Aerial Video Only: Like stills, some customers request video only. Editing of video is $75.00 an hour done by billing 15 minute increments. Please call or email us for pricing for your particular needs.

  • Silver Package: Please call or email us for pricing for your particular needs.

The Silver package provides clients with 30-50 edited interior/exterior images plus 10-15 aerial stills. Two 90 second branded and unbranded videos of the property and or amenities if requested. Additional services can be added.

  • Gold Package: Please call or email us for pricing for your particular needs.

This is the complete package for all your media needs especially for your luxury properties that really need to stick out. Complete aerial video of exterior and environs, stabilized video of interior, editing and production of branded and unbranded video, 30-35 still interior/exterior, 10-15 aerial stills, and stabilized interior walk-through video. These videos do not have any specified time limit. The length often depends on the property, its landscape or architectural features or community amenities. 

23 Pritchard St. Bluffton, SC Twilight Shot Example

23 Pritchard St. Bluffton, SC Twilight Shot Example


  • A-la-carte add-ons available to customers:

  1. Properties 8,000 square feet ++++ - Call

  2. Hosting of your MLS video $5 a month. We will host your MLS compliant video if you don’t have your own site or know-how to post it. We use IplayerHD for a video player which is stripped of all advertisements making the video compliant with your local MLS which means you, the realtor, will not have to worry about fines.

  3. Twilight (Dusk or Dawn) shots: $100 These shots are the “hero” shots that draw attention to the property like no other shot. These shots often can be done at dusk but pricing is due to the extra trip and time of day.

  • Travel surcharge: On shoots farther than 50 miles from Bluffton, SC., we charge the federal mileage rate of 54.5 cents per mile unless agreed upon prior to the shoot. If the trip requires an overnight stay, the cost of accommodations will be included on the invoice.

  • Cancellations: Because of our tight schedule, we ask that our clients please call or email 48 hrs. in advance to cancel or reschedule.

  • Edits: We provide one free re-edit of any video or photo set provided.




PHOTOGRAPHY:  Under current copyright laws, the copyright of any photography remains with the photographer unless specifically agreed upon. Palmetto Aerial Solutions LLC retains all rights to photos taken of properties. We license the use of the images to the listing agent of the property at the time the photo is taken. The license of use is extended to the agent for the amount of time that the property is for sale.

Photographs taken by Palmetto Aerial Solutions LLC are not to be used for any purpose other than the marketing of the property listing. Agents must obtain permission from Palmetto Aerial Solutions LLC to use the image for any other medium (marketing of agent's services, calendars, etc).

Photographs taken for an agent cannot be passed on to another agent should the seller wish to change real estate agents unless the contracting vendor was the seller. If the home owner pays us for the licenses, then they can transfer the images to different agents for the purpose of marketing their home. The new listing agent will need to contact Palmetto Aerial Solutions LLC. We do not allow photos from a shoot commissioned by one agent to be used by another agent. Palmetto Aerial Solutions LLC requires that the new listing agent purchase one of our packages, and we will shoot the property again. We realize that real estate is a competitive business, and we do not want to damage our relationship with any customer by licensing work they had commissioned to a competing agent.

We are fully committed to providing the best service possible to our customers. To that end, we are extremely flexible to how our customers use our images. We want to work with you to meet your needs. All we ask is that you discuss any transfer of medium with us before doing so. Generally, we will be happy to license use of our images for other purposes at no additional cost.


VIDEO: Real estate videos are generally shot with very strict deadlines in mind. To that end, we strive to have our videos completed, edited and uploaded by the very next day so you may get them listed and on the MLS. The fast turnaround time and long editing and compression times, coupled with the need to keep prices low prevent us from offering standard options that may be offered with other types of video production.

Video is complicated, technical and time-consuming. The files are massive. We are able to provide video tours of real estate at a significant reduction in price from what you would normally pay for a video of this quality due to several cost cutting factors:

1) We follow a templated format. View any one of our thousands of video samples. Replace that home with your listing - that is exactly what your video will look like! Custom shoots are available that vary from this format at an additional charge, due to increased production time.

2) Each video takes more than 5+ hours in transcoding, editing, and compression for the web. Any changes, no matter how insignificant they seem, require a complete re-edit and recompression of the material for both branded and unbranded versions, so there is no such thing as "a small change". Therefore, we do not offer previews, we do not offer client edits (as we do for videos for other industries that start at well over $600).

We will happily correct any errors that we make at no charge. Any additional editing, changes, etc. that you would like made after the fact are $100. If there are specific rooms you do or don't want filmed, or specific narrative or contact information you submit to us, please be sure everything is correct before the video is edited.