Construction Progression Information 

Palmetto Aerial Solutions LLC strives to provide the greatest quality media with cutting edge technologies. We use aerial imaging to help construction companies manage resources, make well-informed decisions, track work flow/schedules, show progress to constituents, and save money throughout the process.


Aerial drone shot of IJGA's breaking ground on Himalaya Greens construction project, early 2018.

What is construction progression

In the case of Construction Progression aerial stills or video, typical progression shots include cardinal corners (compass corners) nadir (top down) and beauty shots. These are typically done the same time of day and are periodically scheduled whether that be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The exact GPS coordinates can be saved from the first visit to the site and used for all future shots providing you consistency with accurate comparisons of your project from start to finish. Progression shots can also incorporate video such as complete orbits using the a consistent radius and altitude. These orbits make a great time-lapse video of the project, seamlessly coming together in post-production to form an eye-popping 4k time-lapse video of your project from groundbreaking to completion. Clients can also request specific shots such as panoramas or other beauty shots. For construction progression, we have several available drone systems to use that shoot up to 20 mp stills and up to 4k at 60 fps.



When you trust boots on the ground to make crucial decisions you need a eye in the sky to provide the information you need from anywhere in the world. We can provide accurate volumetrics of stock piles, maps of work sites, and highly accurate survey data that your staff can utilize.

Multimillion dollar projects rise and fall on the data provided through observations and regular analysis. Surveys, consults, inventory shortage, discrepenancies and mistakes can all lead to major costs over the course of a job. Without the information you need to make timely decisions, your schedule can be dramatically impacted, affecting your bottom line. Some of these issues can be avoided.



We seek to help solve many of these problems while cutting the costs associated. Traditional aerial photography costs $120-$200 for each photo. Surveying and volumetrics can costs thousands. 3d mapping was nearly unheard of until recent technologies emerged. Many of these things can be provided at fractions of the cost and greater frequency through the use of unmanned aerial systems.


4 steps in construction progression photos and videos

  • PREPARATION: We start with a walk-through of the work-site previous to the first capture date. Determine safe and protected landing zone. Analysis of RF (radio frequencies), obstructions, and environmental factors. Establishment of crucial lines of communication  and put in place a on-site pre-flight checklist. Project manager will be briefed and asked for a list of any additional shots they would like to have of the site.

  • SAFETY: Safety is our utmost concern on the construction site. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as Hi-Viz, safety glasses, hard hat, steel toe boots will be worn where warranted or required. We will make our best effort to work from outside the job-site perimeter if possible. We provide a safety briefing with all employees and subs. All airspace waivers will be gained from the FAA by Palmetto Aerial Solutions.

  • CAPTURE/POST: Each update will entail on-site time to capture the images as well as processing and compiling the media. Post-production is typically the most time consuming aspect of the work flow.

  • DELIVERY: A Dropbox or Google drive folder will be established specific to your project with sub-folders for each update. A link is provided that can be negotiated in terms. Invoices sent upon delivery.


Please call or email us about pricing on individual projects as many factors must be weighed to provide you with an accurate quote. The more information you provide about your project helps us tailor you a customized package.